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Web Design

Web sites are strategic communication tools that improve business processes, increase productivity, establish a dialogue with target audiences, and generate sales.


TX Digital Marketing creatively sculpts each web site into an environment where customers can fully experience your company's value propositions and interact with your brand.


During the pre-development process our team strives to understand the critical success factors that make your business unique. We deliver solutions that compliment your existing business model, while creating efficiencies and adding additional revenue streams.


Experience programming the following custom solutions:
Custom Application Development
User Interface Design
eCommerce Solutions
Content Management Systems
Job Portals & Application Systems
Custom Blog Development
Online Payment Portal Development
Online File Management Systems
Ticketing & Calendar Systems
Client Extranets
Company Intranets
City Wide Directories
Online Advertising Platforms

‚ÄčAPI Integrations

Our team has experience integrating the following APIs: API Integration
Stripe API Integration
PayPal Pro API Integration
Braintree Payments API Integration
SalesForce API Integration
OpenID API Integration
DocuSign API Integration
Google Maps API Integration
Google DFP API Integration
Facebook API Integration
Twitter API Integration
LinkedIn API Integration
Pinterest API Integration
YELP API Integration
NetVerify API Integration
Jumio API Integration
CoinBase API Integration
TX Digital Marketing strives to deliver a coordinated digital marketing strategy across your website, paid search, display, social media and email marketing touch points to drive revenue objectives and a consistent brand message.
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