​Future of Mobile

The internet has forever changed the way in which people, organization and machines communicate. As internet access has become commoditized, internet functionality is being tied into much more than just cellphones and computers. The internet is now being embedded into devices ranging from watches to refrigerators and is quickly welcoming the era of the “internet of everything”. Although the usage rate of these new access points to the internet is still low, the trend is in the early stages and will inevitably reach a tipping point in the future where consumers and businesses will interact with common products, vehicles and devices in a much different way than they have in the past.

As devices gain additional functional and communicative abilities, specific applications and processes will be built into these applications to further streamline common tasks, as well as analyze data to make proactive suggestions. From a company perspective, it’s important to understand that this trend is occurring and decisions need to be made as to how your organization will most effectively participate in this paradigm shift.

Idealgrowth provides strategic consulting, development and planning services to help ensure that your business is at the forefront of this trend.


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