​Application Development

Apps are a critical part of any company’s mobile strategy. An app is an optimized software application which can be downloaded to a user’s mobile device. It allows critical functionality and content to be accessible to a user directly at their fingertips.

From a company perspective, an app becomes an extension of the brand and one of the most effective tools to quickly serve customer needs. An app can also be beneficial in making operational processes much more effective by taking tasks which used to be done on location and enabling them directly through a user’s mobile device. This can help streamline customer service, sales processes, as well as administrative work.

As the app marketplaces have matured, the Apple and Android marketplaces have taken the lead as the best launch points for gaining exposure to a company’s mobile application. In addition to the Android and Apple marketplaces, Microsoft and Blackberry also provide similar marketplaces. Since each application technology is unique, it’s important to decide in which marketplaces you want to make your application available initially, and this way the development can be effectively prioritized. Many times the strategic planning, user experience and application flow for your app can be carried through across multiple technology platforms, although the development logic will be unique.

Idealgrowth works closely with our clients to help plan out the application strategy, user experience, functional requirements, as well as application flow for an app. Throughout the build out process we will run thorough quality assurance testing across multiple devices, and upon completing the development plan, will assist with the launch of the app into the designated marketplaces.


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